Tom Stark

Tom Stark

Looking for that guy that’ll do anything to get the “Shot”? How about one that has years of experience, willing to perform in the worst of conditions, and has a dogged attitude that would even put a Postal Carrier to shame?

Tom Stark is such a professional.  Versed in the art of capturing candid, as well as choreographing any and all types of Shoots.  He comes to us with working knowledge of all of Adobe Products, Sony’s full line of Video equipment and Software Products, handles DSLR’s better than Henry the eighth handled a drumstick.  And, as you can see, won’t let a distraction mess up the moment.

Tom on Scene

Some of Tom’s greatest outcomes are from our least predictable environments. It seems Tom shines brighter as the project gets darker. Meaning, Video sets and the word “controlled” are never used together — regardless of whether they’re done in a Studio or on location.

However, Mr. Stark has that special talent to keep everyone on track, calm, and tends to bring the best out of all involved… Including the equipment.

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