Thank you for checking out our Gallery.  A page that should be changing often and will be featuring additional shots and more Gallery Categories.  Currently, we’ve placed some of our favorite Event shots.

These photographs were taken during the Steeplechase Race, held at the Radnor Hunt Club grounds.  This event also includes their parade of antique carriages, and costume contests, along with other equestrian oriented events and activities.  However, and for the most part, these shots were candid in nature and during a very cloudy day.  Able to travel anywhere on the property — affording us the ability to capture the nose-to-nose Winner of the Race.

For such a prestigious Event, everyone, and I mean everyone, treated each and every other person like they were part of their family.  One felt as much at ease as if you were simply attending a friend’s backyard get-together.

Moreover, and because it was so informal, it was really tough to tell those who are participants in the Race, from those there to just enjoy the Events.  With the Parade of beautifully appointed antique carriages, pulled by their gorgeous, well cared for horses, and of course a great Car Show of vehicles that had some serious coin involved.

As there is only room to display only a few, click here Radnor Hunt to see more photos of the Event.  I would suggest clicking on the links, provided below, to view other photos, broken out by Category:
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