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Studio Production
Look no further than right here.  FB Eye Photography has what you are looking for.  Both with Still or Video Photography.  What’s more, at prices you can appreciate.  Unless, of course you have Aunt Betty’s daughter’s son’s neighbor that got a camera for his birthday last week, and considered a Pro since he’s been taking photos of his 3rd grade classmates all week.

Video Gallery

However, if you don’t have such a person, the follow should provide some idea of what we can offer — at least on the Video side of things.  Also, please note that these are only of few of the Videos we’ve taken.  I also have to add that the guys at PHL Transport were fantastic sports.  They took the time to show off one of the vehicles and ran it over to the American Helicopter Museum, which made for a good back-drop. 

Downingtown Playdium

What a great place for the kids to have all their parties and connect with friends.  Head over to the Downingtown Playdium and see for yourself.  The key to this Video was that it was all done in one-take.  We never impeded any guests, or interrupted any of the kids from thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Apparently we were able to also impressive the owners, who have asked us back to shoot more parties.