Picking the Equipment

Volume of sales may be their directive

63Every major Camera Manufacturer tries to stay ahead of its competition.  Some actually focus on consumers more than professionals.  Meaning they constantly try to make their equipment high-end, and in some cases have them look ‘pro’, but still try to keep the price points down.

On the other hand, Cell phones, being most proliferated with all walks of life, are now taking a bite out of the industry, and in a lot of cases can be extremely useful as cameras, too.  However, their use should be for those that focus on spontaneity.  Aliens landing their spaceships and coming out to greet or eat people.  Of course, my next suggestion would be to…  RUN!

157The down-side of people using Cell phone Cameras; most don’t stop there.  They’ll video birthday parties, graduations, and even use them to capture videos of a daughter’s wedding.  How many professional websites have you run across that feature the most horrific video, shot obviously Portrait (with those absolutely annoying black bars flanking the shot), with excruciatingly painful sound quality?